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Our search engine marketing solutions will help grow your business revenue to the next level. Netzinfy helps you to utilize the budget effectively and manage your campaigns efficiently. Whether you are a start-up or multinational company, we offer the best results to meet your business needs. The pay per click (PPC) advertisement will help you to generate instant leads to your business. Our PPC specialists will set up and manage the campaigns for your business that generate more traffic to your website.

Why choose SEM services?


Netzinfy offers efficient SEM services that are more focused on conversion through paid website traffic. We help you to get more leads to your website on almost any budget. SEM has the potential to show you immediate results as it is the quickest to launch traffic to your site through account setup and creating Ad copies that can be optimized effectively to fetch long term results.

Dedicated SEM expert : We have dedicated PPC Specialists who are excellent in setting up the account and optimize it effectively to bring more leads and conversion to your business.


Conversion Focused : Paid ads are directly linked to the landing pages or product and services pages that build web traffic through the sales funnel. We help you to achieve your specific goals in a short time.


Immediate Results : SEM provides immediate results, wherein the Ads start displaying within one business day after the approval. Based on the ranking and Ad performance, our PPC specialists will optimize your ads to give better results.


Qualified Leads : We implement the right strategy to bring the right traffic to your website through search Ads. The custom audience, specific demographics in the search engines helps to bring qualified traffic to your website.


Competitive Data :  SEM provides better insights about competitor analysis. We provide you with better insights that help to improve your campaigns effectively and rank on top.

Search Engine Marketing

Below are the SEM services we provide for your business

Netzinfy provides you a wide range of SEM services that suit your budget and business needs. Not only text ads but there are several ads that can be created to meet your goals.


Search Ads (Google Ads and Bing Ads) : We create quality Ads with appropriate keywords and targeting to make your Ads appear on top pages of search engines. Our PPC specialist will do the research and analysis to make sure you get the right audience for your product or services.


Display Advertising : We will make sure that the display Ads are fine-tuned to display on the exact target market where the people would have visited similar products or services. We utilize both text and image Ads to increase brand awareness across various platforms.


Social Advertising : We will ensure your paid Ads fetch greater results on various social media platforms and give you better ROI.


Remarketing : We drive the leads and conversions through remarketing with timed targeting, prompt reach with the audience who previously interacted with your business.


Shopping Ads : We ensure to meet your goals for your e-commerce business by creating an effective PPC campaign. We customize and tailor the campaign to meet business objectives and target it to the right market.


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